Who Else Wants More Customers, Higher Sales & Bigger Profits without Hiring an Army of New Sales Reps or Spending a Gazillion Dollars on New (Ineffective) Advertising?
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Unfortunately most businesses don't know much about sales and marketing.
  • The plumber knows how to unclog a drain – not sell his plumbing services.
  •  The baker knows how to bake a cake – not how to get customers flooding in his door.
  •   The accountant knows how to balance the books – not how to get a steady stream of new clients.
No matter how good you are at what you do, or how good your product is – if no one’s buying, you ain’t flying!

Indeed, when it comes to marketing any business or service, most people take one of two traditional paths…

1.) They “competitor shop” and look at what everyone else is doing - then simply decide to do the same thing

2.) They lower their prices in an effort to undercut the competition

Of course, the problem with #1 is if everyone else is doing it wrong, so are you.  

Remember the wisdom of what your mom used to ask you: “If everyone else jumped off a bridge, does that mean you should?”

And the problem with #2 is that there’s always someone else willing to come along and undercut YOUR price. It’s a race to the bottom – and that’s no way to boost your bottom line.

The other mistake too many businesses make is embracing “brand” or “image” advertising.  

That’s the notion that if you just put your name out there often enough and generate a “good feeling” with the public though cute or special-effect ads the world will beat a path to your door.

But unless you have the advertising budget of Coca-Cola, McDonalds, FedEx, Microsoft, GEICO or Apple, that strategy (a) won’t work and/or (b) will bankrupt you.  
Yet this is the same kind of “lazy” marketing most marketing “experts” push you into.
Worse are “media specialists” – glorified sales reps for newspapers, printing houses, TV and radio – who don’t actually know squat about effective sales messaging and are only trying to get you to cut their employer a check so they can get a commission.

To say the least, their interest isn’t exactly the same as your interest.

So what’s a businessman or businesswoman to do? Where can you turn to get sales and marketing advice, tips and strategies that actually work? Who can you trust to give you reliable, proven help in today’s high-tech “Wild West” marketing arena?

That’s where the REAL Chamber of Commerce comes in.
Unlike other chambers and trade associations, we don’t do monthly “mixers” and ribbon-cuttings.

Instead, one of the best benefits of membership is our marketing “continuing education” program – which is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

REAL Chamber members are entitled to a subscription to the monthly Marketing Hot Tips newsletter and Vegas Marketing Masters interview series where you’ll learn effective, proven, easy-to-implement marketing tips and strategies designed for one purpose…
To get you 
more customers, 
higher sales 
and bigger profits!
Here are just a few of the REAL Marketing Strategies and tactics you’ll discover…
  •   How to use “tiered pricing” to dramatically boost your revenue (Chumlee of Pawn Stars used this trick to boost the average transaction at his parking lot hot dog stand from $2 to $8.75 per customer!)
  •   How to use “super-sizing” to painlessly increase your per-transaction sales (McDonalds perfected this strategy by simply asking every customer “Do you want fries with that?”)
  •   How to offer “add-ons” to the basic price of your product or service to increase the amount of profit from each sale (Many car dealers are experts at this tactic – and you can use it, too!)
  •   How to add VIP “premium” services that cost you little-to-nothing but many customers are more than happy to pay extra for (Southwest Airlines has used this tactic extremely successfully in charging customers an additional nominal fee just for the privilege of boarding the airplane first)
  •   How to “bundle” your service or product so that customers are willing to pay a little more for something they might not be all that interested in just to get something they are VERY interested in (Cable and satellite companies do this successfully by bundling stations of little interest with stations of high interest to get a higher monthly subscription fee)
  •   How to create a “frequent buyer” program that cements customer loyalty and gets existing customers to buy from you more often (These types of loyalty programs were pioneered by the airline and hotel industries, but are today being used effectively by a wide range of businesses from car washes to dry cleaners)
  •   How to write truly effective advertising copy – including the use of “scarcity” that actually gets people to BUY from you instead of just giving them a warm, fuzzy feeling for your business (This kind of “direct response advertising” is the exact opposite of expensive, ineffective “image” advertising and is perfect for small businesses with limited advertising budgets)
But wait…there’s more!
In addition, you’ll occasionally receive information about topics not directly tied to your bottom line, but to your state of mind.  

We’ll discuss subjects that often cause business owners, entrepreneurs, professionals and corporate executives to wake up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night, including…

  • How to overcome the fear of failure (EVERY successful businessman and entrepreneur fails at something at one time or another – so you’re in good company!)
  •  How to deal with critics - especially family and friends
  •  How to overcome “perfectionism” (good enough is good enough)
  •  How to take the “guesswork” out of buying advertising
  •  How to get massive results by taking “massive action”
  •  How to deal with troublesome employees
  •  How to automate various aspects of your business
  •  How to operate your business “remotely” from anywhere on the planet
  •  How to save time and money by “outsourcing” tasks to virtual assistants
  •  How to deal with pesky government regulators and inspectors
  •  How to overcome bouts of depression and laziness (all of us suffer from these occasionally)
  •  How to spend more time with your family or hobbies

Indeed that last one is HUGE!
For all too many business owners, their business owns them…not the other way around.  

Do you ever feel this way? 

Well, help is right around the corner in the pages of Marketing Hot Tips and Vegas Marketing Masters.

Both publications are written and edited by REAL Chamber member Chuck Muth.

Chuck has been studying and successfully implementing direct response marketing in his own businesses and non-profit organizations for over 25 years.  

He subscribes to at least two dozen marketing e-newsletters put out by some of the best, most successful marketers in the country today - and keeps a marketing book by his bedside and reads from it every night before turning in.

Chuck also travels to San Diego every month to attend a 3-hour marketing conference hosted by “Get Clear Marketing” with 60-70 other small business owners from a wide variety of fields. 
There they share the latest and greatest marketing tips and strategies – including the newest opportunities available online and via social media.

In fact, Chuck is one of only a handful of three-time winners of Get Clear Marketing’s “Marketer of the Month” contest – a “Shark Tank”-like competition going up against 3-5 other successful business owners presenting new marketing campaigns.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find anyone as immersed and knowledgeable in the strategies and tactics of effective direct response marketing.


One very effective marketing strategy that’s stood the test of time is “try before you buy.” 

Another is making an “irresistible offer.”

Here's Both . . .
Chuck publishes the "Marketing Hot Tips" newsletter and "Vegas Marketing Masters" – a recorded and transcribed interview series with successful entrepreneurs and marketers - for a small handful of his private consulting clients and charges $495 a year for them.

But as a member and huge supporter of the mission of the REAL Chamber of Commerce, Chuck has agreed to share these publications free of charge to all of REAL Chamber of Commerce members.

Don’t miss this opportunity to take your marketing to a whole new level!

 In addition, all REAL Chamber of Commerce members are entitled to invitations to special events, along with gift certificates and member discounts on a wide variety of business-to-business products and services.

And now you can get a no-obligation, 30-day free trial membership in the REAL Chamber of Commerce – including a complimentary subscription to Marketing Hot Tips and Vegas Marketing Masters.
  • See for yourself how your membership actually PAYS YOU, through increased sales, rather than the other way around.
  •  See for yourself how much more profitable (and fun!) it is to work ON your business – by implementing proven, effective marketing strategies - than to work IN your business.
  •  See how much your life improves by being in control of your business instead of being a hostage to it.
Here's another marketing axiom:  You gotta tell 'em why before they'll buy
So why am I offering to let you try out a membership in the REAL Chamber of Commerce for 30 days ABSOLUTELY FREE?

We’re a new organization trying to grow our membership. And I’m convinced that once you see all of what we have to offer, you’ll want to be a part of our “tribe.”

But I also know that people have a natural resistance to trying something new.  

So I want to make it as easy, painless and RISK FREE as possible for you to give 
us a shot.  

And that includes the “bribe” of Chuck’s marketing publications - which I guarantee will benefit your business tremendously for the next 30 days whether you end up joining us as a full member or not.

What do you have to lose?

So please just click the button and we’ll get you started on the path to a more profitable, more effective, stress-free business pronto!

To your success!
Brent A. Jones
P.S. The minute you enter your email address, you’ll automatically be redirected to a complimentary copy of Chuck’s “Marketing Hot Tips” newsletter, where you’ll discover…
  • How to quickly and easily check to see if your website is truly mobile-friendly…and why it better be!
  •  The 5 most powerful marketing words on the planet…and 2 words you better avoid at all costs
  •  11 little-known but powerful apps and computer programs worth their weight in gold for your marketing efforts and overall business operation
  •  How a sunglass company get prospects who “don’t want another darned e-newsletter subscription” to give them their email address anyway!
  •  A proven FREE program that will kill “spam” in your inbox dead, dead, DEAD!
  •  4 simple keys to fantastic, effective Facebook and Twitter posts…and boy, do a lot of people need these!
  •  A little-known website that’ll put your holiday promotions miles ahead of your same-ol’/same-ol’ competition
  •  A clever way to give your customers a much-appreciated Gift Guide…even if you don’t sell any products!
  •  Some brilliant things actor Samuel L. Jackson said about the Academy Awards that, um, well, can’t be published here!
  •  5 great tips for businesses that exhibit at trade shows which will guarantee your investment is worth the price
  •  9 simple questions sales reps should ask prospects instead of trying to “sell” them
  •  What the size of a person’s television tells you about the size of their bank account…and the one house fixture where size really does matter
  •  What you SHOULD be listening to in your car instead of music or talk radio
  •  The biggest mistake you can make when it comes to posting videos on your website
  •  A simple little strategy that will practically eliminate objections being raised after you’ve finished your sales pitch
  •  Why the father of America’s first woman billionaire kept pushing her to fail…and the surprising reason why she doesn’t hate him for it
  •  How to effectively use the “Cracker Jack” strategy to dramatically boost your direct mail sales
  •  5 things that SHOULD be in your bio so it doesn’t suck like just about everybody else’s bio
  •  The best, most inspirational 5-minute video you’ll watch all month!
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